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Hands on -Handicraft in Rome

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

I start with Italy as it is the place that I feel I know better than any other place I have been to. Also, Italy is where my passion for jewellery really began .Until going there I had just worked with Fimo. The real font of my inspiration is Italy. My first trip, which lasted 3 months, took in Rome, Tuscany and Calabria. I lived in Italy for around 7 years and have been back 2/3 time a year since. I consider myself a bit of an expert on Italian culture, for this reason, combined with the fact that I am married to an Italian man, and have a MA in intercultural Studies, I have delved deep inside to bring out the best of my Italian knowledge and manifest it through my jewellery.

So I will start with Rome my first port of call, and namely San Lorenzo and Trastevere ( across the river Tiber ) which are the two places I most frequented, the former being where I lived and made my jewellery, in a little workshop ( bottega). The boho ‘San Lorenzo’ is full of them and the latter where I sold my jewellery of an evening and best neighbourhood for eating and socialising, not to mention having beautiful piazzas and tiny, winding, cobbled streets for strolling. There are plenty of bottegas here too which open late at night so you literally stumble across marvellous handcrafted items while digesting your delicious Italian dinner and limoncello!

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